The Circle of Creatives is a group of writers, photographers, filmmakers, and artists.

This collective is weaving words, visual reflections and diverse lived experiences into the artform of storytelling to spur awareness, hope and actionable change.

In 2021, we put to rest a linear approach to storytelling through a singular voice. It became clear that the strength of a story isn’t solely the subject – equally powerful is the diversity of the one who holds the pen, the camera, the cursor, or the instrument.

In synchronicity with nature’s natural cycle of life and death, The Circle of Creatives emerged.

The circle and cyclical form in nature, whether it be the womb, the earth, the moon cycles, the spiraling winds of tornadoes, the carbon cycle, the form of a raindrop, a bird’s nest, or life itself, is the inspiration for this shift in how we think about storytelling.

This is a vibrant circle of new perspectives, perpetually in motion, always evolving, and full of diverse creative energy, input, and lived experience to authentically represent the regenerative agriculture movement.

Meet the Circle

Maya Harrison

Food Writer, Chef, and Graduate of Environmental Justice

SunRose IronShell

Artivist + Rematriation Guide + Gorilla Harvester + wild Plant Advocate

Leonina Arismendi Zarkovic

Artist + Storyteller + Writer + Immigrant Justice Advocate

Greg Reese

1st Generation Farmer + Regen Ag Educator

Featured Artists

Britty Colors


Thais Pereira


Ari Bre Bre


Safiyah Chiniere

Video + Photographer

Roderick August


Clay Williams


Adae Romero Briones

Writer Adae's Words

Paul Izaak


Iman Bennet


Keep Earth Around / Trevor Port

Illustrator & Designer

Katinka Lucas


Lex Weinstein