A creative group in service to farmers and mission-oriented entities committed to meaningful change.

Imagine a safe, nested place for farmers to hatch their fullest expression, share their story, and build an effective and beautiful online presence through digital marketing and storytelling services that anyone, anywhere can access and engage with. This reality has taken flight with, The Nest.

We have granted over $120K worth of creative agency, marketing services and direct donations to farmers.

We are amplifying regenerative stewardship by taking years of expert marketing and design expertise and channeling it to farmers and businesses expressing regeneration.

The presence of regeneration is happening all around us, but many times the resources aren’t available in a farmer’s budget or bandwidth to put into marketing and design. This is where we team up with farmers, and donate services.

Building a brand is the fuel that powers a business’ ability to scale its impact, increase awareness, be economically sustainable, and realize the vision long term.

We are co-creating a living archive of digital touch points for today’s farmers and their critical role in regenerating soil, curbing climate change, creating more resilient and regional food systems, and positively impacting human health, while driving consumer demand for regenerative products.











Every paid service provides a free service to The Nest. We serve mission-oriented entities, including farm, food, and fiber businesses.

Resources from entities who have the capacity to pay for marketing expertise receive unrivaled services and those resources are then channeled into a generative and reciprocal loop, creating more life for someone who doesn’t have the resources and needs the expertise.

Does your business enable community well-being and need marketing expertise?


Indigenous Regeneration

Logo Refresh • Website Refresh • Professional Videography & Photography

Total donations in services + direct funding: $15K

“Indigenous Regeneration had the honor of being the recipient of Farmer Footprints The Nest Program. The process was amazing from the beginning of sharing our story and watching their team listen and craft our story into a new and beautiful website with content showing others that story. It was an incredible experience. I felt listened to and like our brand was brought into the light and showcased in a way I couldn’t have done on my own. The team made me feel proud of my Organization and what we have done in 5 years. I’m so grateful for such a useful blessing to our Organization and mission.”

– Lacey Cannon
Co-founder Indigenous Regeneration

New Leaf Agriculture

Professional Videography & Photography

Total donations in services + direct funding: $20K

“Working with Farmer’s Footprint was definitely a highlight and helped tell our story in a very professional way, as well as getting the word out about our work to a much larger audience. The work of Farmer’s Footprint is incredible and high quality; it has been really helpful for our organization. We have used the videos and photos taken by Farmer’s Footprint in many settings from websites, social media, other print/media opportunities, and fundraisers. Working with the team was such a joy and the level of support they provided, and continue to provide, has been such a benefit.”

– Megan Erskine
Co-founder + CEO New Leaf Agriculture

Salvatierra Farms

Logo Refresh • Website Design • Professional Videography & Photography

Total donations in services + direct funding: $15K

“The Nest has been a very unique experience. For SalvaTierra Farms, we don’t have any of the infrastructure to produce and elaborate on stories, yet storytelling is the foundation to most of the work we do. We needed that infrastructure in place because we can’t communicate our story without it. Thanks to Farmer’s Footprint, we are no longer the tree in the forest that falls without anybody listening.” – Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin Founder + Farmer SalvaTierra Farms

Catalán Farm

Logo Refresh • Website Design • Professional Videography • Ecommerce

Total donations in services + direct funding: $14K

Ficke Cattle Company

Print Design • Logo Design • Professional Videography & Photography

Total donations in services + direct funding: $8K

“Being featured in Farmers Footprint and part of The Nest not only gave us tangible returns via the marketing components (which are top shelf) and are an amazing way to elevate what we are doing on a local level, to being positioned to go after larger markets as our product volumes allow. Farmers Footprint helps the cause by leaps and bounds with their important and imperative ways of communicating…We are all in this together and we can all do it.” – Del Ficke Owner + Farmer Ficke Cattle Company

Black Dirt Farm Collective

Website Design • Ecommerce • Professional Videography & Photography Support

Total donations in services + direct funding: $15K

Nautical Farms

Logo Refresh • Email Design • Iconography • Professional Videography & Photography

Total donations in services + direct funding: $8.5K

Working with The Nest was a dream come true! As a small business owner, you wear many hats, but graphic design has not been a strong suit of ours. We have been so grateful to The Nest team for soaring in and helping us to create beautiful graphics, email templates, and an updated logo for our niche business. Every asset they have created has worked wonderfully with the branding we’ve established so far and they were an absolute pleasure to work with every step of the way! It’s not easy to find a group as intentional, thoughtful, and lovely as The Nest team is. – Morgan Fogg Farmer and Co-Owner Nautical Farms

1,000 Tiny Farms

Total donations in services + direct funding: $10K

Social Media • Website Refresh • Professional Videography & Photography

“As a farmer, I didn’t have the time or expertise to create/manage a website or social media account. However, The Nest made me a beautiful website with an online CSA management system, and helped me with getting the news out about my farm stand via social media. I’ve had a lot of folks reach out to me and made some great connections thanks to my new online presence.”

– Farmer Greg
Farmer & Founder of 1000 Tiny Farms

Gilliard Farms

Total donations in services + direct funding: $15K

Website Refresh • eCommerce • Professional Videography & Photography

Marketing creates a bridge between people and farmers. When more farmers have a platform, more people connect and engage with the food system.

Once the digital possibilities are activated to connect to a farmer and their services, a new opportunity and invitation to support a farmer is there that didn’t exist before. Therein lies an organic and natural pollination effect that starts to occur as more people engage and share – it takes on a life of its own. Like nests in nature, this experience is a focused incubation of co-creation followed by flight where the digital assets are evergreen in function and capability to support farmers long term without dependence on our services.

Support a thriving food system