We can only do this if we do it together.

Your donation, at any level, powers our community, storytelling efforts, work to ban glyphosate, direct support to farmers, and more. Woven together, we are building a regenerative future—where every moment counts and every donation matters.

You have many choices when allocating your resources to create true, lasting value. We are one of those, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Our food systems touch every aspect of our society which means we all have a stake in this movement. When you make the choice to channel your resources into Farmer’s Footprint, you are propelling change, shifting awareness, enabling education and impact alongside us.


Hear the journey. Feel the stories. Experience the change unfolding.

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Farmer’s Footprint is a program of Project*Biome, a nonprofit organization under the IRS Code Section 501(c)(3) with an EIN of: 83-3364077

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Our team is peppered with expert start-up, brand, design, community building and marketing talent. We channel that expertise and passion into everything we do and every partnership made.

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Impact is possible because of you

Our dedicated supporters, who feel, in the pit of your stomach and depth of your heart, that we must make progress toward regeneration, here and now.

You are just as much the solution as we are and when we converge even more is possible.

If you’ve seen our work and have more questions, we’re always excited to hear your reflections and dive deeper into the way we pursue our mission. One of the most powerful results we’ve seen comes from aligning regeneration with YOUR expertise. We all have a stake in our food system because our food systems touch every aspect of our society. That is our opportunity for the immeasurable impact that comes from broad expertise applying themselves autonomously to the challenges we face. Reach out to us directly here.