How is regeneration expressing through you?

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Our Mosaic of Regeneration is a collection of artist contributions serving as a reflection of the current state of the world and vision for a regenerative future through diverse artistic forms and mediums. Twice a year, we host an open call for submissions where we actively seek art, poetry, photography, videography, essays, dance, spoken word, digital design, sculpture, song, music, natural fiber/textile art, and any other form of expression that speaks to you and is aligned with the theme. The seasonal mosaic is shared here and within our wider community to create an online, digital gallery experience for everyone to enjoy.

Art is a form of agency, and we believe in the power artists hold to positively influence culture and drive movements.

Exhibition I: Regeneration

What does regeneration look, sound, feel, taste like?
What would the world look like if it were built around reciprocal relationships, where humans, other living beings and ecosystems rely on one another for health, and shape (and are shaped by) their connections with one another? What are aspects, questions and contemplations of regeneration you want people to consider, reflect on, or reframe?

Submission period is closed. Check back soon!

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Art plays a crucial role in shaping and renewing culture:

It can shine a spotlight on truth, create moments of joy or inspire us to act. In times like these, we need to empower artists like never before to help us reflect, to rekindle our hope and to imagine a better future.

– Tim Jones, CEO Artscape