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Collaboration prioritizes emergence over individual capacity. Capacity to create change expands when we do this work together.

We co-create experiences that add value and surface new opportunities to think differently and create real change.

Whether it’s a custom storytelling feature, event, campaign, course, product, fundraising experience or something even better, we want to hear how you envision partnering with us.

If you represent
a brand

You are likely feeling the tinglings of curiosity and vast opportunity that comes with sourcing from and supporting organizations propelling the regenerative movement forward.

Our team is peppered with expert start-up, brand, design, visual content, experiential event, community building and marketing talent. We channel our expertise and passion into everything we create and every relationship we build.

Consider this
your invitation
to be a part of the herd.

Want to get your brand involved?

Let’s do the work together by supporting a market-based evolution that customers increasingly connect with and value.

There are many ways our partnerships can show up and grow. Here are a few ways your brand can partner with Farmer’s Footprint.

• Cash donations • Services • Media/Ad space • Gifts in kind • Scholarship • Giving Tuesday partner
• Story or Content Sponsorship • Custom Story Sponsor • Garden Club Sponsorship
• Events • Campaigns • Products • Merchandise • Podcasts • Film screenings • Courses
• Employee benefits program • Corporate gifts • Speaking engagements • Investment partners
• Percentage of sale • Revenue share • Custom campaign


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