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Our aim is simple: amplify the voices and stories shaping a movement.

We didn’t know it at the time, but when a doctor stepped out of the clinic and onto the farm field, it would set a powerful precedent for the path many of us would follow to Farmer’s Footprint. An entrepreneur turned non-profit leader, a performance marketer turned movement builder, a freelance graphic designer turned liberated artist, and a photographer turned farmer storyteller. All of these paths found a common thread in a deep-rooted passion for regeneration.

Our impact metrics are not black and white, but instead based on how well we move and apply our personal ingredients of energy and expertise into new connections, models, artforms and opportunities that give life to curiosity and nuance in the complexity of the food system.

We are here to help light a path for every one of us to participate in bettering our lands, our communities, and the nourishment of all.

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"It has been years in the making to land a career where my skills, creativity, and passion are fully utilized and appreciated- and I found that home at Farmer’s Footprint. I’m inspired each day by the hearts and minds of this incredible team and the inspiring farmers we work with. I’m grateful to have this noble responsibility that has challenged me, expanded my thinking, inspired my actions, sparked my curiosity, and has made me an overall better human being."

– Leia

“Much like a canvas is to an artist’s masterpiece, a clear purpose is everything to me — and I believe there’s no greater purpose than the mission of Farmer’s Footprint. That alone would be special enough, but to be able to be a part of this journey with such an unbelievably inspirational team with their combined passion for creating a better tomorrow and renewing our lease on our shared planet, fills me with an overwhelming sense of appreciation every day.”

– Robyn

"We are living through a unique moment in time where our extractive way of life is a threat to the viability of human life sustaining on the planet for generations to come. We have the opportunity to regenerate our role as humans and business leaders to enable the conditions for life to thrive."

– Lauren

“It is easier to raise a healthy child than to fix a broken man,” a slight twist on a quote by Fredeirk Douglass. I love this sentiment so much because it speaks to the power of imagining a world beyond sickness. I want to live a life where we cultivate well being from the onset, instead of trying to chase the symptoms of disconnection.”

– Jade

“Every day provides an opportunity to learn and be grateful. It brings me joy to facilitate experiences that provide the opportunity to ground into understanding.”

– Emma

“Much like breathing, we never stop learning in life and what better way to bring awareness and learnings than by talking about the one thing that connects all of us, our food! I’ve learned more about the story of where our food comes from and the farmers that help bring it to life from this amazing team and it’s an honor to be able to further share that story with our audience and community.”

– Eduardo

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