Impact Report

Progress demands we show up, listen, honor every story, and participate in reciprocity.

And without you, our beloved and supportive community, the progress we’ve made in farmer’s lives, wouldn’t have been possible.

Thank you for stewarding the cycle of giving and receiving.

These are our stories of impact.

People signed the petition to ban Glyphosate

Community Members

Granted to farmers in marketing services and donations
New gardeners, 97% of which feel empowered to grow their own food

Of our total donations is directly allocated to our Programs.

Social Media Impressions

2022+ Impact Report

2022 was the year of relationships and collaboration. Dialogue became more important than ever as we placed ourselves in the ecosystem and fostered spaces for meaningful nuanced conversations within the movement.

2021+ Impact Report

2021 was a year of personal and collective realization that we need to transform individually to transform systems. The uncovering of broken systems allowed us to pause, be still, listen long enough to see the gaps in our work, and find a thread to mend them.

Support Today

The perennial cycle of giving and receiving not only gave us our start, it gives us the foundation to build momentum, learn, listen and evolve our footing to land where we stand today, grounded and resilient.

Your personal will and decision to channel resources into a living system of potential directly touches the lives of farmers and people engaging in the regenerative movement…and it matters.

Donate today and commit, alongside us, to a new level of potential.