Ollin Farms
Longmont, Colorado


Ollin Farms
Longmont, Colorado

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Gail Fuller

Circle 7 Farm
Severy, Kansas

Gail Myers

Farms to Grow, Inc.
Oakland, California

Greg Reese

1000 Tiny Farms Movement
Encinitas, California

Amanda Harris

Playa Viva Farm
Xolochiuhyan, Mexico

Samantha Foxx

Mother’s Finest Urban Farms
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Nuss Family

Nuss Farms
San Joaquin Valley, California

Adam Chappell

Chappell Farms
Cotton Plant, Arkansas

Olivia Watkins

Oliver’s AgroForest
Wake County, North Carolina

Vincent & Irene Min'a

Kahanu ‘Aina Greens
Maui, Hawai’i

Mollie Engelhart

Sow a Heart Farm
Fillmore, California

Amyrose Foll

Virginia Free Farm
Kents Store, Virginia

Kelsey Ducheneaux

DX Ranch
River Sioux Reservation

Nathan Lou

Lou Family Farm
San Diego, California

Cheyenne Sundance

Sundance Harvest Farm
North York, Ontario

Mitchell Hora

Continuum Ag
Washington, Iowa

Grant & Dawn Breitkreutz

Stoney Creek Farm
Redwood Falls, Minnesota

Evan Marks

The Ecology Center
San Diego, California

Amber Tamm

Farmer + Horticulturalist + Floral Designer
New York City

Jesse & Cally MacDougall

Studio Hill Farm
Shaftsbury, Vermont

Kyle Platt

Bois D’Arc Farm
Uniontown, Alabama

Lacey Cannon

Indigenous Regeneration
Valley Center, California

John & Salina Locke

JD Hudgins Ranch
East Bernard, Texas

Deb & Johnny Wray

High Hope Farm
Cedar Bluff, Mississippi

Taylor & Katie Collins

ROAM Ranch
Fredericksburg, Texas

Rick Clark

Farm Green
Williamsport, Indiana

Philip Crosby

Mountain Momma Acres
North Carolina

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