The Happiest Compost on the Block, How to turn waste into gold for your garden

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Watch this composting class for free!

Compost is one of the most misunderstood elements of gardening.

Many of us shy away from beginning because it feels messy and intimidating to find the right mix for the perfect pile, but this free online class will shift your fears and show you how simple it can be. In this class, you will learn:

+ The basics of composting: what to compost and what not to compost

+ The pros and cons of 6 different composting techniques: figure out the best method for you!

+ How to make a compost worm bin

Whether you are a brand new gardener or have experience with composting but have struggled with your process, this is must-know info. In 30 minutes, Farmer Greg will tell you everything you need to know about compost so you can get started, keep going, and integrate composting into your lifestyle, longterm.

Watch this composting class for free!

Meet Your Guide


“When people learn to tend a garden, it also nourishes themselves; taking care of the earth is the same as taking care of your body. There is no substitute for hyper local food grown by you and for you. To know how to sow and save seeds, tend to the soil, and sync with the cycles and rhythms of nature should be an essential skill understood by everyone.”


Greg Reese is a Southern California agrarian with a passion for growing regenerative, organic food by building healthy soils and biodiverse landscapes. With a background in rainwater harvesting, native landscapes, orchard care, and no-till market gardens, Greg uses his decade of experience to create localized food systems, educate people on regenerative garden implementation, and inspire a life of land-based living.

Greg is founder of 1000 Tiny Farms, which works to cultivate a regional network of market gardens to explore the social, environmental, and economic impacts of a small patch of land and the sharing of resources between farmers. By joining this course and growing food, your garden can be 1 of 1,000 tiny gardens working to accelerate the movement toward creating communities where people aren’t only sharing resources, but knowledge and culture too.

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