December’s Garden Club Class:

Sourdough Breadmaking

The process of making sourdough bread may seem daunting at first, but it’s a deeply rewarding journey that connects us to time-honored techniques and the heartwarming simplicity of ingredients: flour, water, salt, and the magic of fermentation. In this guide, we’ll take you through the fascinating world of sourdough breadmaking, from creating and maintaining a sourdough starter to shaping, baking, and savoring your own delicious loaves.

Build your capacity to grow food and have a ridiculously good time while doing it!

Learn the foundations of regenerative gardening and land based living, in community, with year-round support

It’s time to finally say YES to starting your own garden.

“When you learn to tend a garden, it also nourishes you. There is no substitute for hyper local food grown by you and for you. To know how to sow and save seeds, tend to the soil, and sync with the cycles and rhythms of nature should be an essential skill understood by everyone.”


The Garden Club is a hope-filled, 3-week course PLUS ongoing monthly journey, full of resources and live sessions where you’ll learn how to garden & why it matters with expert guidance and community support.

In addition to the course content, you’ll get access to live sessions with Q&A and a vibrant community of fellow gardeners to enjoy the journey with, through the seasons, year round.

We created The Garden Club so you can see, feel, touch and taste the connection that exists between story and soil in your daily life.

This course is more than a “how-to” tutorial. It will inspire you to think deeper about how you connect with the land, develop food security, ensure your diet consists of the most nutrient dense food, and create impact within your own body, home, family, community, and far beyond.

Meet Your Guide


Greg Reese is a Southern California agrarian with a passion for growing regenerative, organic food by building healthy soils and biodiverse landscapes. With a background in rainwater harvesting, native landscapes, orchard care, and no-till market gardens, Greg uses his decade of experience to create localized food systems, educate people on regenerative garden implementation, and inspire a life of land-based living.

Greg is founder of 1000 Tiny Farms, which works to cultivate a regional network of market gardens to explore the social, environmental, and economic impacts of a small patch of land and the sharing of resources between farmers. By joining this course and growing food, your garden can be 1 of 1,000 tiny gardens working to accelerate the movement toward creating communities where people aren’t only sharing resources, but knowledge and culture too.

It’s time to finally say YES to starting your own garden – whether you have access to a few containers, community garden plot, or a backyard – your future garden is calling for you.


Get your hands dirty with Farmer Greg and a vibrant group of people committed to starting an imperfectly beautiful garden.

If you’ve always wanted to…

+ Learn the basics of gardening

+ Meet new people who are enthusiastic about gardening

+ Get personalized advice from an expert farmer

+ Get results by harvesting home-grown, delicious, nutrient dense and regeneratively grown produce

+ Take control of your own health and immune system

+ Have a library of gardening resources, guides and tips, all in one place

…then this is the gardening course experience for you

Here’s what you’ll get when you join The Farmer’s Footprint Garden Club

+ Live sessions and Q&A with expert grower, Farmer Greg

+ A sense of belonging as you learn to garden in a community where mistakes and all questions are welcome along the learning journey

+ Step-by-step infographics, video tutorials, and course material hosted in an easy-to-use online platform and mobile app

+ Learn the foundational pillars of soil health and nutrient density

+ Learn how to prevent weeds and pests within a regenerative system

+ The spiritual connection to the land that comes from gardening

+ Immersive visual and educational tools for all learning styles

+ Extensive library of pro garden tips and tricks

The Official Schedule

March 6 – 30
(and ongoing):

Doors open to join
The Garden Club

April 3:

3-week online course experience begins

*If you join after April 21, all recordings are available for viewing at your convenience


Monthly tutorials on land based living

1 Panel Discussion with Zach Bush MD, Sherry Hess, and Farmer Greg

3 “Intro to The Week” Sessions with Community Leader Inès

3 Q+A Sessions with Farmer Greg

*Recordings will be made available for anyone who joins after this date. If you can’t attend the sessions, you can submit questions beforehand and catch the replay.

Each module of the course includes a core lecture PLUS supplemental material: easy to follow how-tos, practices and recommendations to put into action. Watch the content during the week at your convenience and attend monthly Q&As with Farmer Greg throughout the year. You will receive an invite to your email to join our community and learning platform as soon as you register. 

WEEK 1: Prep and Planning

Soak in the benefits of starting a garden and learn how to prepare your space by understanding the nuances of area, sunlight, soil, water, etc.

WEEK 2: Assembling

Follow the steps for how to assemble your raised bed, garden beds, or wherever you’re growing, while learning pro tips only an expert farmer would know!

WEEK 3: Irrigation, Planting & Technique

Learn the best practices to set your garden up for long-term success including pest and weed management, irrigation options, planting your seedlings, seed saving and more.

Group Q&A for Your Personalized Questions, Support and Encouragement

Monthly live sessions with Farmer Greg provide customized answers to all of your burning questions. His experience speaks to varied zones and planting conditions, providing the most effective component of this learning journey. Farmer Greg will support you in bridging the gap between what you’re learning in the course and how to apply the information to your life and on land.

Monthly Enrichment
& Education

Setup Your Garden in 3 Weeks!
with Farmer Greg and Inés
The Happiest Compost on the Block:
Turning Waste into Gold

with Farmer Greg
June Shrooms! Growing Mushrooms At Home
with Inés and special guest

with Farmer Greg
Korean Natural Farming:
Homemade Fertilizer and Bio-Char

with Farmer Greg
Seed Saving September!
with Farmer Greg
Water Is Life: Rainwater and Greywater Systems
with Farmer Greg
Sprout Into Health with Microgreens and Sprouting
with Farmer Greg and special guest
Bring Home the Dough! Making Sourdough Bread
with Farmer’s Footprint’s David Leon and special guest
New Year New You—Fermentation and Gut Health: Making Kombucha
with Farmer Greg and special guest
The Buzz around Beekeeping!
with Inés and special guest
Magic Dirt Water: Compost Tea Brewing and Application
with Farmer Greg

Here’s what you get EVERY MONTH when you join The Garden Club

+ Access to all Garden Club course material

+ LIVE Q+A session with Farmer Greg

+ Community Podcast Reflection and/or Skills Exchange

+ Ongoing access to The Garden Club course material as long as your membership is active

Community Experience

This gardening experience is designed to be done together, in community. We’ve made it easy and accessible for you to view the course and engage with fellow students, all on a single platform. You will be able to:

+ Connect with everyone who is a part of the course

+ Chat live with one another, ask questions, join live
sessions, and get support

+ iPhone & Android App access to view the course andengage in the community

Here’s what
people are saying about
The Garden Club

“The Garden Club and Farmer Greg had answers to questions that I could not find anywhere else.”

“The Garden Club has built not only my knowledge on the basic necessities to begin a proper garden but more so my confidence. The structure of the lessons were easy to follow and understand. I felt heard and appreciated the time that everyone took to ask and answer questions. This experience has been meaningful on so many levels, from getting inspired to feeling empowered. Thank you!”

“Greg’s lessons (and more importantly Q&As) were highly inspiring and I was just blown away by all the little details he filled in. I’m a knowledge junky and I will feel more intimately connected to the plant spirits after this course.”

“The Garden Club motivated me to get gardening for the first time.

“The Garden Club reminded me how fun it is to garden and grow food.”

“I feel inspired and encouraged that there is HOPE for a regenerated future.”

Start Now!
The Garden Club Membership is officially open for registration.

A hope-filled, 3-week course PLUS an ongoing monthly journey, full of resources, and live sessions where you’ll learn how to garden & why it matters with expert guidance & community support.

All proceeds from The Garden Club support Farmer’s Footprint efforts to unite, inspire and accelerate the movement towards regenerative food systems as a means to restore human and planetary health.

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What is the timing and flow of events in the course?
The 3-week course content is accessible in our course platform called Mighty Networks. From the moment you sign up, you’ll have access to read and review all of the course content in addition to live info sessions and Q&As from the Spring season. The LIVE Q&A sessions with Farmer Greg are monthly on the 2nd Friday of every month. If you can’t make the LIVE session, don’t fret, you can submit questions beforehand and watch the replay. You will have continued access to the community platform, monthly tutorials, course content and ongoing live sessions and Q&As as long as your membership is active.
What happens once I purchase?
+ You will get immediate access to the course platform, welcome section, course content (reading material, video tutorials and resources), events, and instant connection to the entire Garden Club and Farmer’s Footprint community once you create your profile

+ Access to an exclusive panel discussion with Zach Bush, MD, Sherry Hess and Farmer Greg on nutrient density

+ You will have access as long as your membership is active.

Will I have time to do this?
The beauty of this course is that it’s a combination of virtual content (that you can watch whenever is convenient for you) and live, recorded events to engage in real time with fellow students and your guide, Farmer Greg. You don’t have to rush through the material and can take your time as you put what you are learning to work in your own garden. Plus, you have a space to ask questions to the community and Farmer Greg during the monthly Live Q&As

You will have access to content as long as your membership is active so you will be able to revisit and engage with the materials after the official course is complete.

What is the refund policy?

We hope you love this experience, but if it’s not for you, you can cancel your membership at any time in Mighty Networks, but we do not offer refunds. Please reach out to us directly at [email protected] if you have any questions regarding your membership or this policy.

I still have questions, how can I contact you?

Don’t you fret, email us at [email protected]

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