The Farmer’s Footprint Team is growing!
We are excited for passionate, driven folks to join us in our work to accelerate the adoption of regenerative agriculture. If you see an opportunity below that’s in alignment, please fill out the form. We are excited to hear from you!

Project*Biome’s mission is to regenerate the biospheres of the planet through community. We strive to create an inclusive environment for passionate supporters, partners and employees of our programs. In this role, you’ll be working closely across the entire team to ensure the smooth and efficient operations of the organization. This is a multi-disciplinary role in a fast-paced, rapidly growing non-profit which will require successful candidates to possess equal parts creativity, execution, organization, and strong interpersonal skills.

Who You Are:

  • Hyper-organized with the ability to manage multiple projects, simultaneously.
  • Highly tech-enabled with a strong comfortability with a range of software platforms.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • A self-starter, self-manager, who is comfortable working in a remote environment.
  • Master in prioritization.
  • Proactive about increasing org efficiency.
  • Constantly making changes and upgrades.
  • Strategic thinker.

The Role:

  • Asana Management – Farmer’s Footprint Team manages all projects and tasks using Asana. You will live in Asana and be monitoring all projects, tracking progress, and updating the card throughout the project’s life.
  • Mailbox – All mail is received digitally through Earth Class Mail, from check donations to government institution correspondence. You are on top of the incoming mail, responding when necessary, processing paper checks into our CRM, and addressing all incoming mail.
  • Meetings – The Operations Manager will coordinate, schedule, and run all team meetings with efficiency and empathy. Each meeting should end with action items created in Asana and assigned to the appropriate team member(s).
  • Scrum Update – On the team daily scrum, the Operations Manager will run through current projects and request updates from team members and coordinate tasks to bring the project across the finish line.
  • Shared Email Box – Farmer’s Footprint receives a considerable volume of feedback and requests from our community via the team inbox. Some requests include: Updating donor profile info, modifying donation amounts, sending receipts, sharing links to content, etc. The Ops Manager will field these requests and respond within 24 hours. In addition, the Ops Manager will direct alternate requests (Investments requests, farming advice, etc.) to the appropriate team member(s)
  • Managing administrative filings – With a team spanning multiple states and countries, we are required to maintain and file paperwork with various bodies.This is inclusive of government filings, registrations, and licensing. The Ops Manager will respond to these requests, maintain profiles, and keep records current.
  • Accounting – The Ops Manager will be responsible for attending meetings with our accounting team, addressing reconciliations, and providing support where necessary coding accounting expenses. Additionally, they will be responsible for accounts payable, onboarding and paying vendors, and fielding the accounting team’s requests.
  • Shared Drives – All documents are stored in the team’s Shared Google Drive. The Ops Manager will maintain data structures in a shared file and keep the team drive organized and develop a file naming protocol to keep the drive highly searchable.
  • Process Design – All processes within the organization are outlined and documented in the SOP library. The Ops Manager will continually create new processes and add to, refine, and organize the Standard Operating Procedures library. Some of these processes include: Onboarding, expense reporting, training, procedures, employee handbook, etc
  • Light – HR management – Most of the HR for Farmer’s Footprint is handled through Gusto. There are however external pieces required in onboarding new team members and assisting our current team.



Project*Biome’s mission is to regenerate the biospheres of the planet through community. We strive to create an inclusive environment for passionate supporters, partners and employees of our programs. In this role, you’ll work to review our current content library and transform our blog and social media content into new, on-brand, fresh, engaging, and high-performing content that delivers results. We have an abundance of beautiful content that has been shared once to our audience. We are seeking support to maximize the content we’ve created to resurface the farmer stories, poignant blogs, and corresponding visual content including both photo and video. We are looking for an artful eye grounded in performance that looks at both the opportunity to expand the format and ways we share our content and up-level the way we show up in externally facing media channels.

Please note: This is a 5-week contract based project. However, this role does have the potential to evolve into a Social Media Coordinator / Copywriter role upon completion of the project. After submitting an application, please be prepared to submit a project proposal.

Project Goals:

  • Mine current content assets and develop a comprehensive plan including:
    • Expansive ways we can use the current content we’ve produced in new, creative, visually and mentally simulating, and engaging ways
    • Strategy behind each option
  • 20 new social media designs / templates applying the above strategy

Success Metrics:

  • Ability for new assets to drive results (email sign-ups, donations)
  • New formats and creative designs to share our current library of content
  • Increased shareability of content

Stakeholders & Roles:

  • Marketing Director, Content Producer, Designer

Milestones & Deliverables:

  • Comprehensive review of current content on and social media channels @farmersfootprint
  • Deck showcasing findings from review, strategy including how we can best repurpose current content
  • 20 Designs or wireframes implementing the recommended strategy

Timeline & Schedule:

  • Content Review (1 week)
  • Deck showcasing proposed strategy (2 weeks)
  • 20 Design/Wireframe assets (2 weeks)

*Please note that this is a 5 week contract project. However this role does have the potential to evolve into a Social Media Coordinator / Copywriter role after the scope of work has been completed. After filling out an application, please be prepared to submit a proposal to the Farmer’s Footprint Team.