Is reNourish Studio Right for Me?


I am looking to regenerate my purpose in order to bring forward the vision I have for my community.


I am accomplishing great things but concerned my efforts aren’t shifting the food system as a whole.


I am excited to work on my own development in order to evolve my business.


I am seeking a supportive community that goes beyond networking or training, and works to develop systems together.


I have the time to dedicate to the majority of the scheduled Zoom and in-person sessions for the duration of three years (see dates below).


I see that there is more beyond improving the health of the farm, and want to work on whole community well-being but don’t know how.


I am in a leadership role in my business that is participating in food being delivered from farm to plate to compost: farming and ranching, food processing, packaged food brand, food distribution, restaurant, farmer support business (farm input sales), composting, and food business investing.
Then come think, work, commune and do business differently with us.
When and Where
We Gather
My time with reNourish Studio has been profound. The experiences and the environment is curated so thoughtfully so as to create meaningful interactions between the participants while challenging the ways we think and currently operate our businesses. I’ve found new potential in my work through a community that facilitates thought-provoking conversations, and even some tears, over meals and laughter.

— Deyl, pre launch participant

We’re launching May 5, 2022 with 25 U.S. based businesses.

2 Thursday Zoom calls per month led by reNourish Studio’s team and community. We will work through a structured process of evolving our thinking and applying our understanding to our business/project work. Each session will provide new insight to immediately be put to work and tested in your businesses.

2022 Zoom Dates, 12-2pm PST
(time may shift to find the optimal time for all participating studio members) 
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May 5
May 19
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Three immersive in-person gatherings a year for 2-3 days. We will gather as a community for authentic connection. We will celebrate food produced in a deep relationship to place, at farms and in rural areas where we can experience living system principles. These experiences will be curated and participatory, with all of us contributing to the working of the weekend. They promise to connect each of us more deeply with one another and the purpose we are carrying out through our businesses.

2022: June 24-26, October 21-23
2023: Feb, June, Oct
2024: Feb, June, Oct
2025: Feb

Apply Now

Please join us for an upcoming interactive Zoom session to learn more and see if you are interested in joining reNourish Studio. After the Zoom session, you will be invited to fill out a simple application form. Applications close April 14th and we launch May 5th. We may consider late applications on a case by case basis.
How We Will Work
We will be working through frameworks and processes sourced from Regenesis Institute and The Carol Sanford Institute, connected to a lineage of The Fourth Way, stewarded by G.I. Gurdjieff, J.G. Bennett, David Bohm, Charlie Krone, and their communities.
We are working from these premises:
• The way we source our thinking matters

• Working in a mechanical way won’t get us where we need to go, instead we will explore a living systems paradigm and create from this perspective.

• Inner transformation in how we think, how we work, and who we are being is essential to make change in our businesses and the world.

• We are working to regenerate the current system instead of tearing it down or building a new one.

• It is essential to work on wholes, not fragments. We must consider the whole of ecosystems and all living beings.

• Instead of attempting to do everything on our own and scale our successful businesses, we will work on how to create a vitalizing energy so we create cultural change and many stakeholders participate with us in multigenerational systems change.

• Learning by doing – applying what we are learning immediately to our businesses to test, learn, and iterate.

• Searching for hidden potential and bringing it into existence, letting go of knowing what all of the outcomes of our efforts will be.

• We will not rely on experts and instead build our own understanding through experimentation, application, and self-reflection.

• Learning from each other in a community accelerates our development.

Regenerative development is about growing the capability of living beings— humans, communities, ecosystems—to co-evolve toward ever higher orders of diversity, complexity, creativity, and life. In other words, regeneration is the process by which potential gets moved into existence.

— Ben Haggard & Pamela Mang

Your Guides

Lauren Tucker

Lauren Tucker is pursuing the regeneration of our food system and leading reNourish Studio. One of the co-founders of Kiss the Ground, she has been working at the intersection of ecological health, community well-being, and agriculture for a decade. She is currently working on crop-specific regenerative agricultural projects with White Buffalo Land Trust through her consultancy, Beyond the Farm, in addition to her work with Farmer’s Footprint on reNourish Studio.

Emma Sacks

Emma has spent the past decade exploring the fields of conservation, agriculture, and horticulture. Simultaneously she has worked on production teams for major music festivals and thought conferences across the country. She is grateful for the opportunity to meld these two worlds. Emma will be curating the experiential gatherings for reNourish and building community alongside studio members.

Joel Glanzberg

Joel Glanzberg has over twenty five years of experience as an applied naturalist to land and community development projects. Through assessing, understanding, and communicating the inherent patterns present in natural systems, Joel helps clients identify principles and guidelines for appropriate and healthy development. Joel is serving as a resource and collaborator on the design of reNourish Studio sessions.

Jade Lee

Jade Lee has been honing her craft in event production for nearly a decade. She knows what it takes to run fast-paced, large-scale experiences for a wide audience. Her largest clients over the years have included ESPN X Games and Summit Series. In addition to event production, she enjoys giving back to communities through volunteerism and nonprofit work. Jade will be curating the experiential gatherings for reNourish and offering support to studio members.

Our team will also bring additional collaborators from our network of communities on the leading edge of ecosystem health, agriculture, and alternative economics.

Benefits of Joining

Experience transformation in your life, business, and see the impact on the food system as a whole
See new potential to evolve your business model to deliver more than financial value and build the ability to apply your vision and evolve your business
Be a part of a community evolving business models and financial processes so our businesses can deliver beyond financial value to ecosystem and community well-being
Support from our team and collective network of communities on the leading edge of ecosystem health, agriculture, and alternative economics
Developing the skills to work with our team members and stakeholders on our visions in order to create cultural change
Become more capable in aligning and integrating our work with living systems
reNourish Studio Cost

The cost of studio membership is $5,000/quarter, partial scholarships available.
Please indicate if you are interested in a scholarship when you submit your application. 

The world we have made, as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far, creates problems we cannot solve at the same level of thinking at which we created them.

– Albert Einstein