What if we shifted the role of business so that its main purpose is to enable a thriving world through its product offering?

What if business was no longer extractive and played a role in creating community wellbeing?

What if the status quo became irrelevant?

What if leaders and entrepreneurs in food related businesses had a place to work together on their businesses and systems change, simultaneously?

This vision will require us to disrupt automatic ways of operating and building ableness to see from a living systems perspective.

reNourish studio is a developmental community and working group for entrepreneurs in the business of food where immersive on-land experiences and virtual sessions offer a place to work on businesses, ecosystems, equity, biodiversity, and food access, collectively, not one at a time.

We emerged in Spring of 2022 and our first cohort is full, but if you are curious about joining reNourish studio or following our progress, sign up right here:

And if you can’t wait to dip your toes in, check out “An Invitation to Work Regeneratively” by reNourish Studio founder, Lauren Tucker and subscribe to her thread on Medium for updates.