What if we could increase the success of our businesses while enabling ecosystems to thrive, balancing our climate, feeding hungry people, and creating the world we are hoping to give future generations?

Instead of limiting ourselves to addressing symptoms, managing problems and meeting marketplace demands, we will work where we have the most power to generate and see new potential – how we think – in order to shift the way we do business, bringing our visions for a thriving world into reality.

We are not separate from living systems. We have intricate roles in them.

What if we could expand our worldview through a living systems understanding, and build capabilities to evolve our roles, opening new doors of possibility?

It’s time to disrupt our automatic ways of operating, let’s work on businesses, ecosystems, equity, biodiversity, and food access collectively instead of engaging them as individual parts.

Interfacing with complex, living systems in this way requires us to develop a new and robust set of skills. To do that, we will fundamentally shift how we think and how we work as a result.

reNourish Studio is a developmental community and intentionally designed space supporting studio members to deeply examine our thinking, understand a living systems perspective, expand beyond our current capabilities, and identify and bring into existence new potential. We will shift our businesses’ financial structure and activities and build new capabilities with our business’ team and stakeholders in order to contribute to evolving the well-being of our whole food system.

We will work together for three years.

In year one focusing on our own development, in year two developing capabilities within our business, and in year three building capabilities with stakeholders.

There is a growing gap between the world we are dreaming of and the reality of our industrialized food system. The rules of meeting the financial bottom line are constraining how we think about our food system’s evolution. If you want to evolve your business model by asking hard questions that will reconcile our current limitations, and you currently operate a business that creates food from farm to compost (farmer, food retailer, food processor, restaurateur, packaged food company leader, compost facility manager, or food investor), join us. We’re working together on a moonshot, expanding our capacity to reveal unseen potential in order to evolve the culture of our food system.

Please join one of our upcoming interactive Zoom sessions or nominate someone ready to explore potential with reNourish Studio.