A new year is upon us!

With it, come new opportunities to learn, grow, and discover new ways of supporting the planet and each other. This pledge contains small, but impactful ways to lead the way for a sustainable future in your daily life, home, backyard and local community. Help us push the cause of regenerative agriculture into 2019 by recommitting ourselves to the health of our communities, our soil and our environment. Remember, the change begins within every single one of us.

1. Save those seeds! By saving your own seeds, or obtaining seeds from seed swaps, exchanges and seed banks, you can help preserve biodiversity and open-pollination systems.

2. Raise awareness! Regenerative agriculture may be a growing trend in the United States, but it may still be less known in your immediate network of friends, family and coworkers…By sharing these ideas and methods with others, you’re creating an important forum for open discussion and communication.


3. If you do not have access to a garden or farmland, harness the power you have as a consumer and act with your dollars. Support local businesses that utilize regenerative practices, or research sustainable alternatives to products you use in your daily life. We love Zuke’s pet food, Epic bars, Justin’s nut butters, and Union Snacks just to name a few!

4. Support for a more resilient food system in your own backyard. Plant an herb garden in your kitchen, dedicate a small patch of lawn to plant native species, or grow seasonal produce. Always research local, non-invasive plants and make sure to make your little plot pesticide and herbicide-free.

5. Forward this pledge to a friend, and please share on social media. Spread the word!

It’s 2019. Time to step up to the task before us.

Be Well. Be You.

The Farmer’s Footprint Team